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The Duluth-Superior Camera Club wishes to sponsor a similar shoot to take place February 5, 2000. Pictures may only be taken between midnight February 4, and February 5, 2000. The shoot will be called "A Winter Day in the Life of (your City's name)".

We anticipate participating Sister Cities will be Petrosavask, Russia; Ohara, Japan; Thunder Bay, ON, Canada; Vaxjo, Sweden and, of course, Duluth, MN, USA. It is the choice of each city to plan it's own "photoshoot", and to arrange for the judging of it's own slides. The most appropriate 100 slides are to be submitted to Duluth for competition among the five cities.

As planned, the Duluth-Superior Camera Club will supply each city's group,and be responsible for the following:

  • 60 rolls of film: 24 exposure, Kodak Elite, ASA (ISO) 200.
  • Development of above.
  • Cost of scanning, if necessary.
  • Printing of pictures.
  • Transportation costs for slides entered and returned.
  • Copies of (planned for) Journal to be issued to participants whose pictures are accepted for publishing.
  • Further copies of the Journal will be available to each city.

As noted, only slides will be accepted by Duluth-Superior.


No age limits.

Both professionals and amateurs may enter.

Each club may utilize more than 60 films, but our Club can only be financially responsible for 60 film per Club. Only the operating group of each city may submit the group's slides. To fulfill the purpose of the shoot and it's title, we are stressing that all pictures entered will "TELL A STORY". We are using that as our motto. Thus, it will be PEOPLE oriented.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

Project Coordinator in Duluth-Superior Club,
Elizabeth Blaisdell

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